ECP solutions can offer your ecommerce business a gateway to the next level by providing daily cash advances as well as short term financing to increase sales and growth.

  • No credit check required

  • Fast approvals

  • Up to $250,000

  • 2% cashback


ECP solutions is a certified lending organization and will speed up the process of acquiring lending exponentially. By going through us, you maximize your ability to acquire financing and minimize the time and effort.

Tired of waiting two weeks for payments from amazon, ebay, or shopify?

Through ECP solutions, you can acquire daily cash advances to accelerate your selling ability and minimize business downtime to maximize efficiency.


Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do I need to fulfill to acquire funding?

The minimum qualifications for Payability Instant Advance are 9 or more months of consistent sales history and average monthly sales of $10,000.

Can I receive funding even if I am already being funded by another lender?

Yes, at ECP Solutions, we understand that business growth should never be restricted. We hope to allow all small businesses and ecommerce retailers to receive the funding they need to achieve their goals.

What charges are made on ecommerce funding transactions?

Unlike a loan, ECP Solutions does not charge interest. Instead, we charge a simple weekly flat fee based on the purchased receivables.

What information do I need to provide to get an Instant Advance?

All we need is access to your marketplace seller accounts. From there, we will determine whether you qualify and come up with the best possible offer.