Short Term Business Loans

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Fast Short Term Business Loans | When You Need Funding Today

Short term loans are easier to qualify and apply for. And, they’re faster to fund. So when you need cash for an emergency expense or an opportunity presents itself that you can’t pass up, short term business financing may be the solution you need. Get back to running your business without missing a beat. 

How to Qualify for a Short Term Business Loan

Qualifying for a short term business loan is faster and easier due to the fact that short term lenders focus more on cash flow than traditional term lenders.

Short term business loan lenders consider a variety of factors, including your annual revenue, time in business, average daily sales, profit margins and your intended use of funds.

Lenders increase approvals by spreading risk across multiple business attributes. While your credit rating is taken into account, it holds less clout. This is because significant and consistent cash flow can reduce other financial details that may otherwise prevent a business from securing a business term loan.


Best Uses for a Short Term Business Loan

Short term loans for business owners are one of the most flexible financing options available. The proceeds can be used to finance just about any need.


Loan Amount

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Estimated Repayment Terms


Speed of Funding