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SBA Loans: Your Solution to Affordable Long-Term Financing

There’s no doubt about it: obtaining long-term small business financing is challenging. In fact, according to a recent NSBA survey, financing remains elusive for 1 out of 4 small business owners — particularly at large banks, where the number of firms relying on bank-backed loans has hovered at just 15%.

How Do SBA Loans Work?

SBA loans work by lowering the risks lenders face when working with small business owners. SBA loans are partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and issued exclusively to small business owners by participating lenders according to SBA-defined guidelines.


What Are SBA Loan Requirements?

SBA loan requirements call for your business to be “financially healthy.” What characteristics embody this classification?

For starters, a good credit score. Business owners need a personal credit score of 650 or better to qualify for an SBA loan.

Second, an established business history. Though some SBA loans (like the micro loan) are suitable for startups, most lenders require at least 2 years of business history.


How to Apply for an SBA Loan

Through our simple and secure application, small business owners, like you, are paired with some of the best lenders for SBA loans across the country whose requirements match your business’s qualification profile.

The process is streamlined, uncomplicated — and most importantly — fast.